Monday, December 8, 2014

my very first music mix

recently I did a mix for Lithuanian music website, in 43 minutes I collected tracks from CDs I got in the period of intense trading of records, that's around 2002-2013.
Enjoy and explore the names / and music you might not heard before.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December shows

The whole year was full of performances in many different places around the world. USA, Canada, Serbia, Norway, England, Netherlands, Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Denmark, Russia and Lithuania. 

So, the end of the year is no different. Today - the show in Vilnius, most famous underground place XI20, last time played there only in spring 2013!, Tomorrow Riga - new place, Aristids, and then tour in England named "Mystic Britain fantasy tour", supported by Lithuanian culture institute. 

The whole schedule below:

12.03 XI20 | Vilnius | LT
12.04 Aristids | Riga | LV
12.06 Decimal place | Lincoln | UK
12.07 Warf Chambers | Leeds | UK
12.10 The Kazimier garden | Liverpool | UK
12.12 Wesgarth social club | Middlesbrough | UK
12.13 Shake festival | Salford | UK
12.17 City tavern | Birmingham | UK
12.18 Upstairs at the castle | London | UK
12.21 MK II studios | London | UK
12.31 New Years eve party | South-end on sea | UK

Friday, November 21, 2014

Netikėti muzikos miksai ir 11 22

 Šį savaitgalį sugrįžimas prie kasetė DJ amplua. Vilniuje, Kirtimuose vyks netikėtų miksų vakaras, kuriame sugrosiu tai ką atrinkau iš 8 bitų pasaulio. Plačiau apie pati renginį su visais vakaro dalyviais mini interviu, o pats renginys čia.
Šeštadienį vykstam Kaunan, kur Agharta kavinėje Kultūra pristato renginį pavadinimu 11 22. Pernai buvo 11 23 ir grojo didžioji dalis tų pačių atlikėjų. Nusimato sausakimša ir karšta. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

videos from latest performances in Utena and Panevėžys

I had a pleasure to participate in the educational project "Sound architecture", which took part in three towns of Lithuania - Plungė, Panevėžys and Utena. The programm of the events was based on lectures, practical exercises and concerts-performances. The band cutthroats also participated in it and I really want to recommend to check them out.

So, below are the videos.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

places I have performed

I have counted 87 cities/towns/woods I've peformed since 2007.
here is a map:
around 9 more new (UK and LT) are coming up till the end of this year.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

USA tour report (1): Experi-MENTAL festival #6, NY

In a few parts of the report I will write the main thoughts and discoveries, while the untold part will stay more in the level of feelings, which is not easy to describe. Although North America did really really big impact on me, it's other world, which at first wasn't easy to accept, but quite soon it became a pleasant place to be.

Firstly I want to thank the main person - Robert, from PAS Musique, without him it wouldn't happen. Our friendship began in 2011 when I organized concerts for his band in Lithuania. And this time he invited me to his annual experimental music and film festival named "ExperiMENTAL" #6, based in New York.

So, my first tour show was in this festival, but before that I had a few days to adapt to new time, which was very hard. Never experienced such a jet-lag! It took me 5-6 days to recover. I needed also time to get used to so many black people, as they looked sometimes scarry, especially when standing in groups and you think that they can do something bad to you. Brooklyn is chill, especially the place I stayed, but Manhattan is crazy, this flow of people, those tall buildings, traffic, rap music... crazy atmosphere, but somehow I like it! and already miss it ;) I wasn't in places I shouldn't be, and overall can't say that I saw much of the city, but that was enough to be excited and to want to come back ; )

So, the festival (which lasts 5 days - September 25-29th) started in venue called "Spectrum" situated in Manhattan. The first day didn't impress me much, it was ambient / improv / no wave music evening, sitting concert.

The second one was way more better. The other venue "Silent Barn" based in Brooklyn, looked like more a party place, so the atmosphere was easier. The further three days of the festival took part here. Although I missed the amount of people I used to see in the festivals in Lithuania. I understand, there's so much happening in NY that it's hard with attendance, and that's why Robert tries to mix the scenes, so that artists from different circles invite their friends. So, that tells that the whole programm of the festival was ecelctic and I really liked that mix of experimental - noise - psych rock - jazz - breakcore - improv - amient - drone - dance music, etc etc.
The main discovery of this night was Borts Minorts, kind of unrealised aspect of me ;) highly energetic, extreme acrobat, and fun show! here's a short clip from their performance that night:

The other act that catched me was The Use, it's Michael from Pas Musique on electronix, synths and theremin. As he claims, it's electronic glitc hop, idm, psych pop. Listen: