Saturday, February 6, 2016

the year started with a new trio based in Kaunas. this is the clip from our first concert. the next gig is in my hometown Jonava, February 20th

Thursday, January 28, 2016

first live video from 2016

here is a short clip from the recent show in Berlin, Donau 115, organized by Mouca


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

new tape

we have just made a small edition of tour tape Arma Agharta / Tasos Stamou. For now available only on this tour, but later I will have more copies to sell online. First two tracks from soundcloud are included in the tape plus something more.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

winter tour with Tasos Stamou

two improvisers unites for 3 week journey visiting 8 countries: Germany, Czech republic, Austria, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and England. Gigs are listed below. Also the tour tape will be presented tomorrow in Berlin. Yes!

01.22 DE | Berlin | Donau 115  
01.23 CZ | Prague | Potrva
01.26 CZ | Brno | Rumisite
01.27 AT | Vienna | Klub Moozak
01.29 SK | Bratislava | A4
 01.31 GR | Athens | Boiler
02.05 GR | Thessaloniki | Biotexnia
02.07 BG | Sofia | Czech center 
02.09 MC | Skopje | AKSC
02.12 UK | London | New River Studios
02.13 UK | Manchester | St. Margarets church

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

first gigs in 2016

This week I have 3 gigs: 2 of them organizing and performing in one.
Latvian guy Toms Aunins (in photo) is coming to play in Vilnius - thursday and Kaunas - friday, and I'm glad to bring him finally here. Additionally instead of putting local guys on the bill in Vilnius, I have decided to bring some artists from Kaunas. So kojos sopa and Patris Židelevičius will present their music in Vilnius. In Kaunas though Will Mars and kojos sopa will join. Gonna be two nights of experimental / idm / lo-fi / kraut / techno music.

On saturday i will perform in Kaunas as a part of trio consisting of Marijus Butkevičius (guitar, electronics), Arnas Mikalkėnas (drums) and me. We will do improv stuff in Raudonas Namas - alternative art space.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

clips for my music

Few months ago I've participated in the event held in Panemunė castle, where I did artist talk and the performance. There was also the agreement with participants that they will make videos for my music. So below are the results. Big thanks goes to Marius Salynas​ and all the other guys who worked on it.. Finally I have some not live performance clips to show on youtube! ;)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

videos from 2015

selected videos from personal performances, music clips, solo or as a part in bands and other projects. in chronological way.


11.27 SP | Madrid | Moroder sound club

10.15 LT | Panemunės pilis

10.10 RU | St. Petersburg | Aposition fest

10.01 RU | Yekatirenburg | Lynch

09.15 UA | Harkov | Zeppelin

09.10 UA | Kiev | Kontrapunkt

06.10 RU | Saratov | Rechport

06.07 RU | Uljanovsk | Xab

06.03 RU | Saransk | Belaya Komnata

05.20 UK | Brighton | Spirit of Gravity
01.28 DE | Bremen | The Elephant

01.17 LT | Anykščiai | Elektrospiečius