Monday, July 11, 2016

new on booking: OAK BIRCHES - free jazz from Lithuania

Oak Birches even from the title cause lot of questions about the content. Being self ironic and equipped with wide range of knowledge of both academic and jazz music, Trio developes it’s own sound. The conception swings between minimalism to stormy breakouts of open improvisation and precisely composed passages, creating multi-laered and spell bingind music. Each member of trio contributes his ideas equally, with strong sense of intellectual background and personal creativity. Oak Birches usually tours as trio, but the very premier concert in Kaunas was presented in format of Tentet, including such instruments as French horn, sousaphone, double drum section to name a few and dressed up in performative almost theatrical form.

for bookings: email


Nerijus Ardzevičius
Founding himself equally well in playing as in teaching, he has a role of lecturer in Kaunas Music Academy. His classical education opens in new way in improvised music.

Arnas Mikalkėnas
He starts from degree in classical accordion, conducting, and jazz piano, now teaches in Kaunas Conservatory. Arnas is on of the most active free music players in Lithuania. He acts as band leader, composer, recently he is working with theatre music and performance art.

Tomas Razmus
One of the most innovative musicians of his generation, who took part in numerous projects in free avant-garde, improvised music projects as well as in mainstream, big band jazz ensembles including Bob Mintzer, Lasse Lindgren, Jukka Linkola, Liudas Mockunas, Vladimir Chekasin, Kenny Wolesen, Francesco Angiuli to name a few.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ukraine links

updated June 2016

Bodraja Korova - promoter, Khmelnyckiy
Creative Jazz Fans - promoter, Zaporizhia
Dasein - label, Donetsk
Dzestra - promoter,  Chernivtsi
Freak Friendly DIY - label, promoter, Kiev
More music club - promoter, Odessa 
Nexsound - label, Kiev
Pincet - label and promoter, Ternopil
Sentimental - label, Kiev / Dnipro
Taqueot - label, Dnipro
Quasi pop - label, Kiev
We have no Zen! - netlabel, Dnipro
Ухо - promoter, Kiev
Щыл - label, Kiev

Construction - festival, Dnipro
Cow Art  - festival, Khmelnyckiy
Hamselyt - festival, Ternopil
Next Sound - festival, Kiev

Baron Munhauzen - Kamianets Podolskij
Art Kvartira - Dnipro
BrDcK - Ivano Frankivsk
Kontrapunkt - Kiev
Maxwell - Kalush
Mezzanine - Kiev
Outsider - Uzhgorod
R/RT pub - Khmelnyckiy
Underground - Lviv

Art-cluster RND - media / sound artist collective
Dzyga - conglomeration of artists, different cultural projects, Lviv
Fredra.61 - event organization, Lviv
Izolyatsia - platform for cultural initiatives, Kiev
Kultura Medialna - media art events, Dnipro
Pup Zemli - event information recourse

*want me to add something? just let me know

Saturday, May 28, 2016

next week starts tour in Ukraine

Next thursday Agharta presents the showcase at "Construction" festival in Dnipro city, Ukraine. It's Arturas Bumšteinas and Weld Mignon and me.
After Dnipro we go to Odessa where we gonna perform in Lithuanian market fair "Kaziukas" as "Tandadrika orchestra" - all 4 together. This should be fun ;) And later we have a show in a club named "Downtown".
On 8th of June guys leave home to Vilnius and I continue now tour with the great band from Austria - Ni. Together we have 5 shows, although some changes may happen. The whole tour is named "Armattraktion Tur Ua". Looking forward to visit my beloved country again!
Thanks for Lithuanian culture attache in Ukraine and Lithuanian culture institute for supporting this travel. So here's the schedule:

06.02 UA | Dnepropetrovsk | Construction festival
06.05 UA | Odessa | City garden | as Tandadrika orchestra
06.07 UA | Odessa | Downtown 
06.10 UA | Ternopil | Pincet
06.11 UA | Ivano Frankivsk | BarDuck
06.12 UA | Kamianets-Podilskyi | Baron Munhausen

06.13 UA | Chernivtsi | Dzestra
06.14 UA | Khmelnickiy | R/RT pub

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

last Agharta events

Yes, the time came to say the word "last". And it's not only the season ending, but in general I'm finishing organizing DIY gigs in Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas).
I see the time has come to some changes. It was 2006 that I did first show. Back then there was not so many experimental music events happening. Obviously, when it's a vacuum - something gonna appear (or not). So in all those 10 years I have done maybe more than a hundred events (have to count though!) with a few hundred artists from all over the world. I heard lots... lots! of great music and met nice people, some of them became my close friends.
But times changed. More and more artists coming to Lithuania, also more and more I'm concentrating on my artist "career", so naturally I just have to choose what direction should I continue my activities. And I choose the latter - artistic activity, not curator.
Of course I will be involved in some events, but those gonna be less DIY, cause I wanna pay good money for everyone, not just be dependent on the number of people in the audience, which is becoming less and less for various reasons, but that's another interesting topic.
I'm still motivated to promote improvised  / experimental music, but mostly in some special funded events or if DIY, then just for the close friends.
Though what I see now that more places are open to this kind of music and they do events themselves, so sometimes the role of the promoter seems to be not so needful. Actually I'm just so tired of promoting. I don't know about you, but I simply know what I want or I know who does who, so I know where to go and what to support.
Anyway I hope that in all those years people had some really good time and great sonic discoveries. I'm very thankful for all the people who helped me organizing, for the venues and those who just supported by good word.
Still if someone wants to come to perform here, you're welcome to contact me, though here is the list of places and promoters in Lithuania, that should be helpful and I'm constantly updating it.

Anyway last events:

05.19 Kaunas | LARGO
05.20 Vilnius | Yucatan 
06.21 Vilnius | XI20 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Garso Architektūra

In April and May I'm participating in the educational project "Garso Architektūra" ("Sound architecture") in small towns in Lithuania. This project is held for the 3rd year already, each year visiting new places, meeting new audiences. The aim is to present the new ways of creating music. My part is to do the performance after which people are discussing it.
Last week we did 5 towns, this week 4 are left:

05.04 Šiauliai | Garso Architektūra
05.05 Pasvalys| Garso Architektūra
05.06 Anykščiai | Garso Architektūra
05.07 Zarasai | Garso Architektūra

after the event in Jonava

Friday, April 8, 2016

paremkite Aghartą 2 procentais!

... ir Jums bus atsilyginta! ;)

Kodėl remti? nes mes aktyvi nekomercinė organizacija, per pastarajį sezoną surengėme 13 koncertų (ir dar iki vasaros bent 5 nusimato) Vilniuje, Kaune, Jonavoje ir Rygoje su krūva muzikantų iš viso pasaulio. Retas renginys buvo itin finansiškai vykęs (visi suprantam dabarties situaciją), todėl tuos 2 procentus naudojome honorarams ir kitoms susijusioms išlaidoms.
Kaip tai padaryti?
Elektroniniu būdu (per naudojamo elektroninio banko prieigą), forma FR0512.
Arba užpildyti popieriuje, formą galite atsisiūsti čia, ir tiesiogiai įteikti savo gyvenamos vietos apskrities valstybinės mokesčių inspekcijos teritorinio skyriaus darbuotojui.

Pildant FR0512 formą:
Grafose 1, 2, 3V, 3P, 4 – nurodyti savo asmens duomenis;
Grafoje 5 (mokestinis laikotarpis) – pasirinkti 2015;
Grafoje 6S – pažymėti „x“;
Grafoje E1 (gavėjo tipas) – įrašyti 2;
Grafoje E2 (gavėjo identifikacinis numeris (kodas) – įrašyti 302476652;
Grafoje E3 (mokesčio dalies paskirtis) – įrašyti "parama VšĮ Garsai ir Dienos" veiklai;
Grafoje E4 (mokesčio dalies dydis (procentais) – įrašyti 2,00 arba mažiau, jei paramą skaidote;
Grafoje E5 nurodykite paramos laikotarpį (jis gali būti ir didesnis kaip 1 metai).


Thursday, March 24, 2016

gigs in Birmingham and Leeds

Just came back to Europe after the great experience of touring West Coast USA. Later I should write more details about it, but tomorrow performing in Birmingham (3rd time!) and Leeds (second time!). Exciting line-ups!

03.25 UK | Birmingham | Centrala
03.27 UK | Leeds | Wharf chambers