Monday, January 22, 2024

The new journey

Haven't been posting here, cause mostly been active with social media, but seems like it's worth coming  back and do things here. New year, new me, new journey! After the two years of silence of Arma Agharta, i'm back on track with a new version. So this week performing in Vilnius and in two places in Poland. 

Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 videos

September 17th | E. Jansas museum | Vilnius | Lithuania

August 1st | Moon Noise | Klaipėda | Lithuania

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 videos

November 9th | Garso Teatras festival | Klaipėda | Lithuania 

June 22nd | Menų Zona | Klaipėda | Lithuania
March 29th | Bunker Ulmenwall | Bielefeld | Germany

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 videos

December 15th | Ni art week | Ipoh | Malaysia 

November 21th | Kapallorek | Seri Iskandar | Malaysia
November 10th | Garso teatras festival | Panevėžys | Lithuania

May 3rd | Modem | Debrecen | Hungary

April 6th | Club Voltaire | Tubingen | Germany

March 18th | promotional clip | Lithuania

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

new festival in Lithuania and further tour

Long time no post, but busy times of course, especially since september. During this month I had 10 shows in Lithuania as a part of annual educational project "Garso architektūra" (eng. Sound architecture) and then played some gigs in Germany and Poland, including "Transgresje" festival in Torun. Oh and did a collaboration with spanish performer Lorena Izquierdo.

Now back in Lithuania and working a lot on the new festival for the sound art, and sound performances, which is called "Garso teatras" (eng Sound theatre) and will be held in J. Miltinis drama theatre in Panevėžys city on 9-10th of November. I'm organizing it together with a partner Tadas Stalyga. We have invited artists from the USA, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. And we are planning to make it annual event. Below poster and links to facebook events. 

Right after the festival going further on tour and will finish this year in Southeast Asia. The plan is to stay there until February, and then to stay at least one month in the UK, mostly in Scotland. 
Currently tour schedule looks like this: 

26.10.18   Kaunas, Lithuania, Godo
27.10.18   Kėdainiai, Lithuania, Namukas
10.11.18   Panevėžys, Lithuania, Garso Teatras festival
13.11.18   Warsaw, Poland, Mlodsza Siostra
14.11.18   Bucharest, Romania, tba
16.11.18   Varna, Bulgaria, Hale 3
17.11.18   Istanbul, Turkey, A.I.D.
21.11.18   Seri Iskandar, Malaysia, Kapallorek
22.11,18   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Klex festival
25.11.18   Manila, Philippines, Noisebath
??.11.18   Baguio, Philippines, tba
14.12.18   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Intunnation


photos from the recent show with Lorena Izqueirdo in Wroclaw, Academy of arts

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

20 years in the underground tour

Currently i'm on a really big tour. I left home on 4th of April and will come back on 8th of June. So in these two months i'm gonna have around 30 shows all over Europe and also Canada. It's been really hard and I'm seriously thinking to slow down, stay more at home and maybe do other things instead of only playing and traveling. We will see. But till then you can find me here:

18.05.18   Toronto, Canada, Owls club
19.05.18   Gatineau, Canada, Triple Seven
25.05.18   Paris, France, Le Non Jazz
26.05.18   Rennes, France, L'ancienne poste
30.05.18   Lyon, France, Superposition
31.05.18   Clermont-Ferrand, France, Relax
02.06.18   Barcelona, Spain, Magia Roja
03.06.18   Valencia, Spain, Sufre
06.06.18   Poznan, Poland, TAK
07.06.18   Krakow, Poland, Tworzywo

and here's video from the show in Debrecen, Hungary, few weeks ago

Sunday, March 18, 2018

new tape & further tour dates

this is how new tape looks like when you look to the light

Just recently released a new tape called "I". It's 3 tracks with almost 23 minutes of audio material. You will hear some new, sometimes unexpected things. Feedback is always welcome.
Edition of 100 copies, all covers are hand made. You can hear it on bandcamp below and order through there (-update - sold out).

"20 years in the underground" tour is gaining speed. With great experiences in Paris festival "Sonic Protest", Barcelona festival "A love supreme" and some smaller but not forgettable shows, I go further. And next week 4 shows in a row - Brno, Wroclaw, Dortmund and Berlin. See ya!      

Wroclaw poster
      21.03  Brno, Rumište
22.03  Wroclaw, Wyspa
23.03  Dortmund, Mex
24.03  Berlin, West Germany