arma agharta

Arma Agharta is the sound performance artist and curator from Lithuania devoted to improvised and experimental music. With more than 450 performances in his baggage, he is one of the most active performers from Europe.
In 2018, celebrating 20 years of involvement in the worldwide DIY music scene, he is going on
the big world tour, starting from Europe and heading towards North America and Southeast Asia.

His intense and high energy shows span a broad territory between the eruptions of chaotic noise and hypnotic psychedelic ritual to dadaist humour, odd bodily movements, spontaneous improvised games and the voice, detached from meaning and turning into unintelligible glossolalia.

In past few years he participated in these festivals and special events:
Sonic Protest (France), All Ears (Norway), Arctic Sounds (Greenland), Volta (Mexico), Klex (Malaysia), A Love Supreme (Spain), Destroy Vancouver (Canada), Transgresje (Poland), Gogbot (Netherlands), Sonic (Denmark), Jauna Muzika (Lithuania),  Construction (Ukraine), Le mini Who (Netherlands), Mlode Wilki (Poland), Camp (Germany), Aposition (Russia), Hamselyt (Ukraine), Other Worlds (UK), MEM (Spain), Noise & Fury (Russia), Sonic Circuits (USA), FIME (Mexico), Experi-Mental (USA), SOTU (Netherlands), Sound Around (Russia), Garso Architektūra (Lithuania), Supynes (Lithuania), Braille Satellite (Lithuania), Yaga (Lithuania).

His music is exclusively released on cassette format in various European labels.

Arma has collaborated with these artists: Seht Zhan (Brazil), Blu Simon Wasem (Brazil),  Lorena Izqueirdo (Spain), Tasos Stamou (Greece), Kamal Sabran (Malaysia), Stefano Ferrian and Simone Quatrana (Italy), Koppfarben (Germany), Andris Indans and Marcik Butler (Latvia), Lithuanian artists: Antanas Dombrovskij, Arnas Mikalkėnas, Arturas Bumšteinas, Ramunas Jaras, Marijus Butkevičius; the bands Oak Birches, Cutthroats, Laisva Struktūra, Disforija and P.K.I.K.T. 


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