arma agharta

Arma Agharta is the sound performance artist from Lithuania devoted to improvised and experimental music. He got involved in the worldwide music underground in the late 90's by publishing zines, running labels, playing in bands and organizing shows and festivals of experimental music. Since 2007 he has done nearly 600 performances all over the world, organized and curated many events, and released dozens of tapes on his labels.

Arma Agharta is a shaman of Dadaist humor and a "believer" in one person, skillfully producing chaotic noise that disrupts the status quo of modern normative societies during performances. He is also an evocative "medium" of experimental sound art, involving multicultural performance communities in sessions of performative, hypnotic sound rituals, in which both the acoustic and bodily liminality of the performer and the audience are intuitively embodied and equally experienced. During his performances, Arma Agharta does not limit himself to "sound in itself": the artist's unexpected movements that go beyond traditional emphasis systems, improvised games, DIY (do-it-yourself) "cheap magic tricks" and new, non-existent "languages" invented by Arma during the performance convey the fundamental anti-referentiality of this artist. 

Currently Arma performs solo, as well as Groja Magas (extended version of cassette tape DJ), also in duos Banachtarski and Bekele.  Since 2020 he runs the tape shop and label Tapekiosk.

Participated in these festivals and special events:
LUFF (Switzerland), Seanaps (Germany), Dark Music Days (Iceland), Sonic Protest (France), All Ears (Norway), Arctic Sounds (Greenland), Volta (Mexico), Klex (Malaysia), A Love Supreme (Spain), Destroy Vancouver (Canada), Transgresje (Poland), Gogbot (Netherlands), Sonic (Denmark), Jauna Muzika (Lithuania),  Construction (Ukraine), Le mini Who (Netherlands), Mlode Wilki (Poland), Camp (Germany), Aposition (Russia), Hamselyt (Ukraine), Other Worlds (UK), MEM (Spain), Noise & Fury (Russia), Sonic Circuits (USA), FIME (Mexico), Experi-Mental (USA), SOTU (Netherlands), Sound Around (Russia), Borderline (Poland), Garso Architektūra (Lithuania), Supynes (Lithuania), Braille Satellite (Lithuania), Yaga (Lithuania), Mėnuo Juodaragis (Lithuania). 

His music is exclusively released on cassette format in various European labels.
Arma has collaborated with these foreign artists: Florian Walter (Germany), Seht Zhan (Brazil), Blu Simon Wasem (Brazil),  Lorena Izqueirdo (Spain), Tasos Stamou (Greece/UK), Kamal Sabran (Malaysia), Stefano Ferrian and Simone Quatrana (Italy), Koppfarben (Germany), Andris Indans and Marcik Butler (Latvia), Lithuanian artists: Antanas Dombrovskij, Arnas Mikalkėnas, Arturas Bumšteinas, Ramunas Jaras, Marijus Butkevičius; the bands Oak Birches, Cutthroats, Laisva Struktūra, Disforija and P.K.I.K.T. 



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