Arma (full name Armantas, b. 1982) is the sound-performance artist and curator from Vilnius, Lithuania, active since 1998. Arma has organized more than a hundred events for avantgarde / experimental / underground music and performance art, including festivals "Speigas", "SOTU", "Vilnius noise week", "Diverse universe", "Homo ludens" and many smaller concerts and sound art workshops.
Released more than 30 records under labels Perineum (rip), Red Brick Chimney (rip) Agharta, also published paper zines "Introspect" and "Infected by Dementia".
As a sound artist, since 2007 Arma has toured in Russia, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, UK, Hungary, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Has been performing at the festivals Cocart (Poland), Sonic (Denmark), SOTU (Netherlands), Sound Around (Russia), Porin Juhlaviikot (Finland), Speigas, Mėnuo Juodaragis, Sūpynės, Strcamp, Centras, Dezintegracija (all in Lithuania).
Arma's music, hidden behind ambient and weird soundscapes, delivers hermitic moods and a ritual action of Nature unknown. No computers, analogue stuff only.

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