geography of sound

updated July 2017

Welcome to the map - database related mostly to experimental / improvised / alternative / underground music. In this constant process I'm collecting links of venues, labels, promoters, festivals and so on. The first entries are based in the East and North of Europe, later will be added other regions. Also I wanted to add artists, but there are more of them than google map gives me space for entries + it's a bit more difficult to find location of the artist. 

Anyway, you can easily find information just by clicking the city you're interested in. This way I think we get a better picture of what is where and we can get better connected. I believe it's useful as for the touring artist, so for the music lover that wants to know music related things in a certain city / country.

This work takes hours and hours of searching, archiving, updating, so in order to keep this enthusiasm I would be thankful if you could donate. Also feel free to email with questions, suggestions, I'm always happy to discuss how to make it better.

ps: for the full map view - press the square on the top right.

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