In autumn 2018 together with a partner Tada Stalyga we have started new festival for sound art called "Garso Teatras" (end. "Sound Theatre"). The first edition was held in Panevėžys city, J. Miltinis theatre. We had two nights of  by performances by international artists and sound installations made by local artists. 
The festival was supported by Lithuanian Council of Culture and was completely free. Here's the festival review in lithuanian language

We plan to continue it in 2019 and maybe expand to Klaipėda city. 
Other than that, we plan sound art events to be held in Kaunas in spring 2019. News about upcoming events will be posted here. Anyone interested to participate and collaborate, please contact.


From 2006 till 2018 I have organized and partly curated few hundred events of sound art, improvised, experimental, underground music in Lithuania. Events where held under Agharta and Perineum names. Below more information about them.

Agharta (active 2009 - 2018) was a promoter from Lithuania devoted to adventurous music and noise. We organized irregular concerts in different towns of Lithuania. We had a few hundreds of artists and bands from all over the world. (see the list below).

2018 we did shows for 
(in alphabetical order):
Cassini, Waterflower.

In 2017 we did shows for (in alphabetical order):
Arma Agharta, Arnas Mikalkėnas, Christian Meaas Svendsen, Chrs Galarreta, Darius Čiuta, Don Vito, d.n.s, Erik Alalooga, Gana 2, Kacper Ziemianin, Kelyje, Les Spritz, Morrigun, Morken, Noise LadderPatris, Seht Zhan, Sciardac, Tatsuru Arai, Toms Auninš.

In 2016 we did shows for (in alphabetical order)
6P3S, Achim Zepezauer, Aerobica, Andrea Pensado, Arma Agharta, Autoknack, Duke S, Ensync, Florian Walter, Holzkopf, Juozas Milašius, Klaus Legal, Kojos Sopa, LCDD, MAG, MuozikPatris Židelevičius, Refusenik, Sajjra, Sheep Got Waxed, Toms Aunins, Weld Mignon, Will Mars.

In 2015 we did shows for:
Pierre Bastien, Puce Mary, Gnod, Maaaa, Don Vito, C-drik, Purgist, Awott, Adam Bohman & Tasos Stamou, Ensemble Economique, Mikko Savela, Olivia Neutron-John, Deafault, Zifferblatt, Upfall, Cutthroats, Pogrom, Vidinė Ramybė, McKaras, Re-drum, Noise Ladder, Big Debbie, Andris Indans, Vilkduja, LYS, Gana2, Atrac, Astma, S13, Darbo Džiaugsmai, Unheimliche, Hìldå, Antanas Dombrovskij, Toms Aunins, Dubna, Gailė Griciūtė, Orlandas Narušis, Arma Agharta, Dovydas Stalmokas, Antireality, Patris Židelevičius.

In 2014 we did shows for:
Sudden Infant. Natten, Batalj, Barberos, Umberto, Voyvoda, Staer, Kaseciarz, Alpha Strategy, Traps, Poino, Liudas Mockūnas, Onderstroom, Sic, Yumiko Yoshimoto, Any, C_C, Al doum & the faryds, Maan, Gas of Latvia, Oorchach, Obšrr, Los Turbos, Beyt Al tapes, Tiese, Arma & Refusenik, Sovijus, Plattetozti Noise Orkestra, Arma Agharta, Antireality, Gaute Granli, Core of the Coalman, Bruzgynai, Vyazkiy Sharab, Tasos Stamou, Miglaukas, Schelvis en de Pelvis, Faršas, Negative sex bed, Gailė Griciūtė, Patricia Kokett, S13, Flesh flash, Zifferblatt, Raguvos, cutthroats, Hassokk, Studio Maruko, Transactions, Audrius Ramuva, Donatas Tubutis, Mws, Groja Magas, Patris Židelevičius, Grįžulo ratai, QQ, ne_.

In 2013 we did shows for: 
Felix Kubin, Z'EV, Cut Hands, Buvette, Natten, Saigon!, Tonstartssbandht, Kodek, Asian Women On The Telephone, PAS/Brandstifter, Staer,  Driezhas, Jaakko Vanhala, Girnų Giesmės, Grunt., Talbot. Maaaa, Sala, Sovijus, Girių Dvasios, Oorchach, Pogrom, Vihr, Nüm Nüm, Danil Akimov, Alexander Markvart, Darius Čiūta, Gintas_K, Holzkopf & Botfly, Wouter Jaspers, Ivars Arutjujan and Edgars Rubenis, Jiku55, Dorcelsius, Lys, Flesh Flash, Public Enema,, Moon Disco, Assassid,  96wrld, Jikuuuuuuuuu, arma, Helved Rum, Los Heraldos Negros, Hassokk, Vidinė Ramybė, Bruzgynai, Obšrr,  Gana2, Tiese, S13, Forget me nots, Marburg,  Aerobica, Vdts, Working Hobo.

In 2012 we did shows for:
Nadja, Ni, Aspec(t), Buvette, Natten, Container, Girnų Giesmės, Oorchach, Alpha Strategy, Zack Kouns, Andrea Pensado, Jaras Ramunas, Stefano Ferrian, Simone Quatrana, Diskrepant, Btong, The Grand Astoria, By Haruo, Voyvoda, Crimes, Jonny Teardrop, Daina Dieva, Galm Quartet, Sovijus, Sebastian Wesman, Jelena Glazova, Angelanina, Vilkduja, Rumunija, Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim, Scant Intone, The Picturesques Episodes, Moemlian, Umiko, Flesh Flash, Laser Poodle, Unicorn Hard-on, Killorgiveup, Lava Larva, Keira Is You, Bruzgynai, Arturas Bumšteinas, Dominykas Vyšniauskas, audio_z, vtol, Gana2, Patris, Lys, Lapot, Vrr, Tytia Mina Teremina, atrac, Skeldos, TCH, Left Hand Cuts Off The Right, Rokas Kašėta, Laisva Struktūra, Raimundas Eimontas, Spiral, Without Letters, Pichismo, Ingra Miller, Rose Staff, Kimberly Bianca, Zaizras X Kudirka, Outsider, 96wrld, Java Delle, Tiese, Archilear, Ersha, Devita, Company Fuck, Borovik Eralash, Sheep Got Waxed, Gražvydas Kardokas, Yranti Gazele, Lukas Petraitis, Betoniniai Triušiai. 

In 2011 we did shows for: 
Z‘EV, PAS, Tesa, 9 Horizon, Liberez, Ilia Belorukov, Laisva Struktūra, Pogrom, Body Cargo, Bruzgynai, Christien Galarreta, Lost Harbour, Raimundas Eimontas, Tobias Faar, C.J. Boyd, Patris, A_g, Lys, Vidinė Ramybė, Holzkopf, Benas Šarka, Antanas Dombrovksij, Lafidki, kIRk, Flesh Flash, Re-drum, Flesh Flash, Umiko Kotori, Edgars Rubenis, Tiese, Die 7.te Krawallerie, Oorchach, Left Hand Cuts Off The Right, Pogrom, Branduolinis Aš, The Ceramic Hobs, Massive Ejaculation, Rajfajh, Pichismo, Woodpecker Wooliams, Golden Cup, Cikados, Okean Ognya, Sala, Alkis Įšalusiai Aušrai, Arma Nada, d.n.s., Girnų Giesmės, Manifesto, Rovar 17, Ganzer Maschine, Lys, Jaras Ramunas & band, In Embero, Delchia, Serdnation, Surdr, Volksmorg, Zack Kouns, Rory Hinchey.

Collecting data for 
2010 - 2009

More about the past main events:

SPEIGAS festival - (eng. "Frost") the main event, which was started in 2010 and finished on 2015. It took part each February in Vilnius and Kaunas. The festival is quite dynamic type - mixing genres, changing spaces, but it's mostly  about rough experimental and noise music. Format: concerts, lectures and workshops.

SOTU festival Lithuania -  ("sounds of the underground") joint festival with Amsterdams' SOTU. This one and only edition of this festival took part in September 2014. It included alternative and experimental music concerts, lectures and workshops. Events held in Vilnius, Kaunas, Ukmergė and Jonava.
Outermost - were the series of concerts held in Kirtimai culture house in Vilnius. The idea was to present cross genre music in the furthest venue of the city. Four editions took place during the year 2014.
Meno trikampis - ("eng. "art triangle") was the art project in central Lithuania. Started in 2012, and finished in 2014. Ukmergė, Jonava, Kėdainiai - these three towns are in geographical triangle, and the idea was about the cultural collaboration between these towns in forms of exhibitions, concerts and workshops. Information about the events can be found here and here.

Sūpynės festival - the annual summer open-air festival held in beautiful Lithuanian woods. Agharta had a showcase there, presenting experimental music in a broad way. Here's the showcase program: 20142013.

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