Bruzgynai (eng."brushwood") is a sound-performance art project from Lithuania, run by Arma, established in 2007.
Lo-fi aesthetics, sound adventures, drone mystique, outsider noise.

Hermitic moods and a ritual action of Nature unknown.
Over 100 shows done in Russia, Germany, UK, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech republic and Baltic states.
Participated in the festivals Cocart (Poland), Sound Around (Russia), Gigiena shuma (Russia), Porin Juhlaviikot (Finland), Speigas (Lithuania), MÄ—nuo Juodaragis (Lithuania), STRcamp (Lithuania), Dezintegracija (Lithuania), Creature (Lithuania).


Videos: Kaunas, Lithuania '14  || Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine '13 ||  Vilnius, Lithuania '13 || Jonava, Lithuania '13  || Yaroslavl, Russia  '11 || Hamburg, Germany '11

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