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Artist / manager / curator CV:


  • February - closed concert organization / promoter Agharta

  • December - toured Mexico, 6 shows, also performed in Poland and Finland
  • November - toured USA (West Coast, 5 shows), also performed in Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania and Netherlands
  • October - toured UK (3 shows), also performed in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • September - performed in Portugal, Lithuania, Estonia and toured Russia, 10 shows
  • August - toured Poland, Germany, Russia and Portugal
  • August - participated in Camp festival, Potsdam, Germany 
  • May - participated in educational project "Garso architektūra", 5 shows in Lithuanian regions
  • May - started new event series "Ultra Dinamica" in the whole Lithuania
  • April - participated in the festivals in Greenland, Arctic Sounds and Lithuania, Jauna Muzika
  • April - performed in France and Czech republic, 3 shows
  • March - performed in Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Italy, 9 shows 
  • January - February - did Southeast Asian tour in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, 8 shows 
  • January - performed in Lithuania, Poland and Romania, 3 shows
  • December - performed in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Lithuania, 6 shows 
  • November - performed in Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, 9 shows 
  • November - participated in 3 festivals: Mlode Wilki, Sczcecin, Poland;  Le Mini Who, Utrecht, Netherlands and Camera Obscura, Ukmergė, Lithuania
  • October - participated in the festival  NXNW, Cologne, Germany
  • October - performed in Paris
  • October - did Brazil tour, 7 shows 
  • September - did 8 shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, 
  • September - performed in 3 festivals Gogbot festival, Enschede, Netherlands,   9 Jahre Golden Shop festival, Bremen, Germany,  Sonic festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • August - did first ever artist residency in Raseiniai county, Lithuania, composed music drama piece together with other sound and visual artists
  • August - participated in 2 open air festivals: Ont Grindu and ASAP, Lithuania
  • August - did first ever solo exhibition - performance in Vilnius, Sodu 4 gallery
  • June - organized a tour for Ni - the band from Austria. 7 shows in Ukraine, Poland and Czech rep.
  • June - did tour in Ukraine, 8 shows including festival Construction in Dnipro city
  • May - organized tour in Lithuania and Ukraine for Canadian artist Holzkopf, 9 shows in total
  • May - organized "Audialogai" series events in Vilnius and Kaunas
  • April-May - participated in the educational project Garso Architektūra, 8 performances in small towns of Lithuania
  • April - performed in the festival Jauna Muzika, Vilnius, together with a band Oak Birches
  • March - 2 shows in UK, Birmingham and Leeds
  • February - March - USA  / Canada West Coast tour, 12 shows in total
  • February - shows in Warsaw and Gothenburg
  • January - February, did tour of 12 shows in 9 countries (Russia, Germany, Austria, Czech republic, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, UK)
  • December, performed in the festival Camera Obscura, Ukmergė, Lithuania
  • December, performed in the mini festival Sorkomfort in Oslo, Norway
  • November, toured Italy and Spain, 7 shows including MEM festival in Bilbao
  • November, performed in Riga and Tallinn
  • October, did artist talk and performance in Panemunė castle, Lithuania
  • October, performed in Riga
  • September - October, did tour in Ukraine and Russia, 14 cities, including festivals: Construction in Dnepropetrovsk , and Aposition in St. Petersburg 
  • August, did mini tour in Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Raseiniai, Klaipėda)
  • June, performed in Manchester, UK
  • May - June, did tour in Russia, 7 cities, including festival in Moscow Noise & Fury
  • May, did mini tour in the UK (Brighton, Birmingham and London)
  • May, took part in educational project Garso Architektūra in 4 towns of Lithuania
  • May, performed in Kishinev, Moldova
  • April, did mini tour in Ukraine, including the festival Hamselyt in Ternopil
  • April, did mini tour in Germany (Essen, Monchengladbach and Marburg)
  • April, performed at Other Worlds festivalBlackpool, UK
  • February, performed in Speigas festival VI, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • January, did mini tour in Germany (Dortmund, Bremen, Cologne)
  • December, did first UK tour (3 weeks, 8 cities, 8 performances)
  • November, participated in educational project Garso architektūra, 3 performances in Lithuania
  • September - October, did first USA / Canada tour, performed in the festivals Experi-mental, New York and Sonic Circuits, Washington DC
  • September, organized SOTU festival Lithuania in Vilnius, Kaunas, Ukmergė and Jonava
  • June - August, curated art project Meno Trikampis between three towns: Ukmergė, Kėdainiai and Jonava
  • June, partly curated Lithuanian summer open air festival Sūpynės
  • April - May, toured Russia, Latvia, Netherlands, Serbia, UK, Norway, Hungary, Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, 14 shows in total
  • April - November organized event series named "Outermost" in culture house of Kirtimai, Vilnius
  • March - May, managed event program at culture bar Kablys in Vilnius 
  • September - December, toured Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Finland, 27 shows in total
  • April - August, partly curated Lithuanian summer open air festivals, including Sūpynės, Satta Outside Strcamp also Centras festival in Kaunas 
  • March - May, organized event series Zen Dada in Vilnius
  • March, became a director of NGO Garsai ir Dienos, working on sound art, experimental music, performance art events 
  • October - December, organized event series in Vilnius named Alter focus
  • September, organized festival for experimental and cross genre music - Vilnius Noise Week 
  • April, partly curated performance art festival "Diverse universe" in Vilnius and Jonava
  • curated art projects for NGO Homo Ludens based in small town Jonava, Lithuania
  • organized Speigas I - festival for experimental / post industrial music in Lithuania
  • started label & booking Agharta for experimental / drone music.

  • tarted sound-performance art project Bruzgynai (eng. brushwood)
  • ran label Perineum (till 2009), released records and organized first gigs
  • vocal in a band "Disforija" (till 2007)
  •  vocal in a band "Per Kryžių ir Kančią Tavo" (till 200?)
  • published paper zines "Introspect", "Infected by Dementia", "Sperm oil" (till 2005)

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