Wednesday, January 1, 2014

links worth exploring

collection of links is always in process, so check it from time to time to find new things   
  updated May 2017


Adaptador (Argentina)
Alrealon musique (US)
Birdfriend  (Japan)
Bun tapes (Japan)
Dasein (Ukraine)
Deserted Village (Ireland) *also promoter
Difficult folk (Berlin)
Dokuro - label from Italy
Econore - label from Germany 
Edicoes CN - label from Belgium
Favela discos - label from Portugal
Feeding Tube - label from US
Fort evil fruit - label from Ireland
Ginjoha - label from Japan
Go tape - a place to manufacture tapes in St. Petersburg, Russia  
Hyperdelia - label from Berlin
Indian redhead - label from France
Klammklang - label from Siberia
Licht-ung - label / promoter from Germany 
Lonktaar - label from Italy
No=Fi - label from Italy 
No Brain prods - label from Chile
Noisen - label from Poland
Nomad Sky Diaries - label from Slovakia
Oblast - label / collective from Russia
Pawlacz Perski - label from Poland
Pseudo Arcana - label from New Zealand
Peeved records - interesting, but defunct label from UK
Red for colour blind - label from Czech rep.
Singing knives - label from UK 
Students of Decay - label from US
Syrphe - label from Berlin
Third type tapes - tape label from France

Trash can dance - label from Estonia 
Ujikaji - label from Singapore
Weird Ear - label from US

Record manufactures:
Audio service - a place to do tapes in Berlin 

Music and art resources:
African and Asian alternative, experimental music database

Asian Art Archive - the title tells itself
Bleak Bliss - download blog - experimental, noise and a like
Continuo - download blog, weird musics
Eastern Daze - a platform for independent Eastern European arts and music 
Idwal Fisher - extensive music reviews in English way
Latinoise - Latin America experimental music recource
Monrakplenthai - download blog - music from Thailand
Radio free midwich - no audience underground

Soundfield - sound related information resource
Toys and techniques - interesting old music and art blog 
Wales improv network - the title says

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