Tuesday, March 3, 2015


After finishing the first UK tour last December, I've decided to move to Leeds city. Here I found interesting experimental music scene, good old friends and just simply beautiful city.
Now trying to settle down here and start the same activities I was doing in Lithuania. I'm planning to start doing events here from May-June. Already discussing about it with some artists from abroad and with local organizers.
Also, doing research about places to organize events in London and other cities.
So if anyone reading my blog has any advices, recommendations about promoting experimental music in the UK, please get in touch.
Hopefully soon first news about the events will follow.


Anonymous said...

don't forget to share your discoveries about UK / London experimental sciene!

agharta said...

if something will make a big impact on me, I will write for sure ;)

Anonymous said...

btw, this might be interesting to you - http://musichackspace.org/

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