Monday, October 10, 2016

World tour review: Munster and Ghent

I've already did 3 shows in Brazil, but still didn't review 5 shows from Europe. Yep, not so easy to do it on the road, but I wanna have all them reviewed so that there will be what to remember and also some information could be worth for others.
So, here we go. This time two.

18.09 Munster, Black box im cuba 

Few years ago I played here in the same venue, organized by the same English guy, Ross Parfitt - great percussionist, nice man devoted to improvised music. His promotional name is Sudden Cricket and he brings interesting music to Munster.
Few people showed up this calm Sunday evening, but those who came I believe (and I heard) got enough impressions.
First act was local guy Das Andere (listen below). His table was full of tape decks, electronics and acoustic objects, also a guitar and solid stage outfit. At the beginning it seemed that he's a bit lost between his gear, and the sounds didn't had a flow, but in the end this somehow became a strong part of the performance, that made me enjoy it.
.I was happy about my show though, the venue has good sound system so it was simply a pleasure to play. Usually I don't like playing on Sundays, but this was the exception. From the beginning till the end it was good to be there and thanks for really nice people that made it happen.

23.09 Ghent, In de Ruimte

On the 7th year of touring Europe I'm finally in Belgium! Such a cute country, from the very first moments I thought I wanna explore this country more.
A honor to play together with such a great acts as: Al Doum & The Faryds, Maurizio Abate, Karren Williams & Aidan Baker. Before the show I was informed that I play the last. I'd prefer next to last, but ok ;)
The venue is the perfect size, reminds me a bit of XI20 in Vilnius, not too big, not too small. Sound system is mighty too.
The show was opened by Maurizio Abate, guitar solo. Nothing much experimental or improvised, just unquestionable guitar play. Next - duo of Karren Williams (percussion) & Aidan Baker (guitar loops). From the very first moments it took the attention. Guitar drone perfectly correlated with gentle percussion. Near cosmic psychedelic pulsations, that was a pleasure to dive in. Definitely recommended to check them out.
Next - Italians Al Doum & The Faryds. They have played in Vilnius and Kaunas two years ago and I was glad to see them again. Through that time the band members changed and maybe this made their show not so good as it was two years ago. Or maybe it's any other reason. You never know actually, sometimes it's just a bad day to play. And this was in my case too. Just before starting the show I cut my feet to the blood (hm this story I had almost a year ago in Naples). Then, when I started to play it was quite loud and the sound guy cut the frequencies (another cut!), and so with this quite a low volume I felt almost like in Copenhagen few weeks ago.

Overall it was a nice night, maybe a felt a lack of energy in the air, but the organizers made a good job and I was really glad for my first appearance in Belgium. Looking forward to Brussels show in November 15th.
Here are some photos from the show. 

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