Tuesday, November 22, 2016

november news

November was full of shows. I have visited Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Poland. 
Stopped reviewing shows, cause simply left my old heavy laptop at home (need to buy a new one!), but in general brought lots of positive impressions. I will try to come back with reviewing upcoming, especially Asian shows in February.
Still I have around 10 shows this year. Three this week and next week my girl Ieva joins me for almost 2 weeks trip to Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. So, lonely touring is finally over! The schedule is hereBut ok enough about shows, now a bit more about the recordings (which is quite a different thing than my live shows):
- the new tape "Insects" will be out very soon on Pontless Geometry, Warsaw.
- the track of the upcoming tape was played at Resonance 104.4fm, London, on friday (see the pic below)
- one unreleased track called "Riot" presented at Placenta Recordings, (Detroit, US) online compilation
- another unreleased track "Through cant" presented by Associação Terapêutica do Ruído at Stress FM.
- in spring 2017 I plan to release a tape at Lithuanian label Sculdubuldu
- I also consider recording quite different stuff from what is now, and maybe even start a new project, which will show the other aspect of me, than people used to see recently at shows. Yes, i'm talking more about calm and quiet things. So lets see..

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