Sunday, January 8, 2017


artwork by Blu Simon Wasem

If you read this post, you probably got a tape with nothing more but a link written on the cover. 
That's right! The idea was to make this tape almost anonymous with a minimal design and to combine it with the information about it on the internet. Don't know about you, but I like this idea and probably will keep it with further releases. I didn't wanna start a new label, I like self releases and I believe many artists can do it themselves instead of looking for a label. So here are details about this tape.
The material was recorded by me, Arma Agharta, and Blu Simon Wasem on a beautiful October '16 day at Francis Pedemonte studio in Florianopolis, Brazil. We used electronics, synths, drums, vocals, percussion, and bass guitar. The first edition of this tape is 26 copies, later maybe will do the second edition. All tapes come with hand made covers. The gold paper I used for covers I bought in NYC Chinatown, tapes bought in St. Petersburg, material recorded and artwork (by Blu) made in Florianopolis and final product made in Panevėžys. ;) The name idea came just by adding one letter to "Blu" and deleting one letter from "Arma". This was our first collab and who knows maybe one day we will do it again.
Thank you for purchasing or trading this tape! You can also listen excerpt online, later will add full on bandcamp.

artwork by Blu Simon Wasem

the first made tape

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