Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 / 2018

Was thinking for a while what should be the final word for descending year 2017 and because I have finished traveling, it seems that everything stopped and nothing happened this year. This is the trick of extreme change - from intense traveling to the passive stay almost alone at one place. I live that way for quite some time and it's always more hard to return than to move out. Few days is ok when back home, but then what? I think it's good that this year I've refreshed the organization of the events as this is the way of keeping connected with Lithuania. This year organized 11 events and gonna keep on doing it, even if it's sometimes a struggle and I loose the sense, but I'm not here for the easiest way, I guess... More, I even have thoughts about the bigger events in the near future, cause probably time has come, as the last festival I was involved in, happened in 2015. 

The same year the number of my performances increased and last few years it varies between 60 and almost 100, and this year it was 88 performances. Yep, that is quite a big number, so you can imagine how intense this year was. I want to mention that the big number of shows doesn't mean that I can simulate and play not in the full energy, even for 5 people. No! This is not my way, I give all I can on stage and believe me it takes time to recover after each show. I don't wanna say that I'm so devoted and so cool, i'm just sincere with myself and I would like to see it in the others. Cause you know, sometimes better do not do it, then  to do it in a half hand. I can't say that all my shows were good, of course, there's were some bad ones and I know the reasons, it's either something wrong with emotions or physical state, but most of the cases the problem is the sound. Yes yes, the sound system or my gear. If I can't open my self through the sound, then that will be felt and hardly can be hidden. But I'm learning to cope with all the bad situations and with emotions after.

Anyway, this year I played in such places as Greenland, Philippines, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Portugal, France, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Poland, UK, Germany, Czech republic, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania. Visiting such culturally distant countries made big influence on me and i'm really thankful for all who helped with it. Such a different places...such different vibes and reactions at the events...this diversity is cool, keeps me on developing the performance and on being not so sad about the bad end or so happy about the good end, because what happens is what has to happen and this understanding, when you get more deep in it, gives me more lightness to the existence...which I wish you all, my friends and enemies ; )

Earlier I wanted to prove something with my activities, and that was my problem I guess, but now I don't feel like this, I don't wanna compete, that's maybe because I find peace inside and a place in the world, which is the whole World and, friends, this wouldn't happen without You! 

Next year I'm celebrating 20 years in the underground. True shit. Planning to release few tapes and below is the tour plan of the first few months. At the beginning is mostly Europe, cause I wanna get more connected and still haven't played in countries like Switzerland, Croatia. Then comes Canada, summer brake and autumn 2018 will start in South America, and I'm very excited about it! Feel free to get in touch via email or facebook if you have any ideas, suggestions.

And last, check videos from this year, also the last tape has been uploaded to bandcamp.

See you, hear you!

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