Sunday, March 18, 2018

new tape & further tour dates

this is how new tape looks like when you look to the light

Just recently released a new tape called "I". It's 3 tracks with almost 23 minutes of audio material. You will hear some new, sometimes unexpected things. Feedback is always welcome.
Edition of 100 copies, all covers are hand made. You can hear it on bandcamp below and order through there (-update - sold out).

"20 years in the underground" tour is gaining speed. With great experiences in Paris festival "Sonic Protest", Barcelona festival "A love supreme" and some smaller but not forgettable shows, I go further. And next week 4 shows in a row - Brno, Wroclaw, Dortmund and Berlin. See ya!      

Wroclaw poster
      21.03  Brno, Rumi┼íte
22.03  Wroclaw, Wyspa
23.03  Dortmund, Mex
24.03  Berlin, West Germany

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