Saturday, October 8, 2011

006 Bruzgynai / Die 7.te Krawallerie split c60

Bruzgynai / Die 7.te Krawallerie split c60
release date October 2011, cat. no. 006

The reason of this tape release is a live acquaintance between these two projects. The idea to release common tape was born in the result of exchange - Bruzgynai live in Hamburg and Die 7.te Krawallerie live in Vilnius. So, this is 3 label release (Agharta, Cocorolla, Timtimtontraeger), each one proposes 50 copies.
In a hour length tape you’ll find raging, (de)focused noise / drone from Bruzgynai and hardline, rough, squat smelling noise from  Die 7.te Krawallerie.
Edition of 50 copies.
Bruzgynai (Lithuania):

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