Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bruzgynai comes back

The project i started in 2007 comes back on stage and in the records. It was a little more than a year that i didn't use this name, but eventually i decided to come back to it and continue.
So, already a few performances in Lithuanian festivals are planned, also biiiig tour in Russia and probably Ukraine in up-coming September / October, another tour in Germany / Italy in November and eventually some gigs and the festival in Finland in December.
so, lot's of things to do!

you'll find BRUZGYNAI here:
soundcloud   //   facebook   //  vkontakte  //  bandcamp (soon will upload all the releases) 

Up-coming performances: 

06.06 Vilnius, Bangų mūša minifestival
06.15 Kaunas, CREATURE live art festival
07.13 Molėtai region, STRCAMP festival
08.23 Zarasai, MJR festival

if you wanna book Bruzgynai, or release it, contact: arma  @

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