Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Sonic pilgrimage" tour in Russia and Ukraine

The project "Sonic Pilgrimage" involves traveling, meetings and performances by Armantas Geciauskas in Russian and Ukrainian cities. Starting from Siberia - Novosibirsk city, Armantas will travel towards Western part of Russia and down to Ukraine. In this tour he will meet and explore local communities that are active in experimental, avantgarde music and performance art. Armantas is going to show his performances, to explore local music scenes and to discuss the possibilities of mutual collaboration in recording and releasing music, inviting Russian and Ukrainian artists and cultural managers to Lithuania to work together on different projects and thus strengthen local art communities and the cultural relations between Lithuania and Russia / Ukraine. The "Sonic Pilgrimage" tour will take 35 days in which more than 20 cities are going to be visited.

The project is supported by European Cultural Foundation, STEP Beyond programm:

below some posters from up-coming events
full schedule here: 09 19 - 10 22 | vk | fb

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