Tuesday, May 27, 2014

after "bradiaga" tour

Now officialy tour "bradiaga" is done. 11th gigs in 8 countries, with ups and downs of course, but in general it went well. As always was good to meet promoters, new artists and audiences. It's so different everywhere and at the same time so similar. So thank you for your support!

Here are some photos from last shows, also will put more into "photos" section too. More, wanna share the things I found on this tour. 

 May 6th, Vilnius
 May 8th, Riga
                                                May 21st, Opava

Apiary studios - really good space for experimental music in London
Studio 11 - nice venue / studio / very diy and with good attitude, in Subotica, Serbia 
Fuga - good venue, perfect size, capable for punk or experimental shows and even theatre, in Bratislava, Slovakia
Bludny Kamen - art organization working in little Czech town, Opava. Friendly to experimental / avantgarde music and related arts.
CSW - best place for experimental / noise show in Warsaw, Poland, high level.
Ewa Justka - interesting Polish experimental music / noise artist based in London
Left Hand cuts off the Right - not a new thing, but finally met Robbie Judkins in London, the author of this project, brought home some of his recordings and now really enjoy
Stamou instruments - another treasure found in London, greek guy Tasos is doing circuit bent instruments, really worth checking and buying.
Nundata - crazy noise project from Belgrad, Serbia
Lom - good label from Bratislava and label guy
Jonรกลก Gruska, is doing electronic devices / instruments. I've ordered this one:

weird band from Serbia that pretends to be lithuanians ;) - have song titles in lithuanian.


So further - will be working on a few new releases and preparing for some summer festivals in Lithuania.

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