Wednesday, June 18, 2014

news for June II

                          Bruzgynai, 2008, Vilnius, club New Style

Quite an active month, I must say. More events has been added, also some new video and audio material is online, so, let me start.

Thursday - going to the studio to record material for Arturas Bumšteinas project "Audiokaukas". Yet, don't know what will I have to do there, but probably some strange sounds from my mouth. Anyway, I'm sure will be fun.

Friday, as mentioned before - performance at Vilnius contemporary art centre. 8 artists from 4 countries, including: Konstantin Trashenkov, Andrey Kolomytzev, Danil Akimov (Kaliningrad,Russia), Antanas Dombrovskij, Ramunas Jaras (Lithuania), Yiorgis Sakellariou (GR/LT), Jonas Vandenbossche (BE) and me. Today bought claret dress, wig, also got fox fur. Yes, gonna perform as a women, and sing from the perspective of all the women I had and how I disturbed their lives. Event here

One more event added for next week, art project "Meno trikampis", (eng. "art triangle"), the concert in lovely small town Ukmergė, historical museum, together with local improvizers Garsinė Izoliacija. Event here

 Also finally uploaded Agharta tape to bandcamp, link is here.

Here's the recording as "arma" from the split tape with Komodo Haunts, which is long gone.

Also the new live video has been added to youtube, it's the latest show in Warsaw, contemporary art centre, full performance recording.

and the last thing I wanna share is this inspiring indian raga singing. Enjoy!

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