Tuesday, July 1, 2014

first news for July

June was quite intense in case of performances, this time nowhere else but Lithuania! And yes probably gonna keep this way untill September.
Also this month gonna concentrate more on recordings and finally to release long time planned tapes.
Tapes... yes tapes! Starting "tape DJ carrer" next week in Vilnius in the event named "Outermost II". It's the event for basically free music, out of genre definitions but of course more into experimental music field.
And it will take part in Kirtimai culture house, which is out of the city where all the club life is situated, so this makes even more special event and that is why we are here ; )
So, my nick name for tape DJ is "Groja Magas" (eng. "the magnitophone or magician is playing"). I'm gonna choose some obscure probably mostly non-dancable music recordings, that usually is not to be easily found on the internet.

GROJA MAGAS (Paparčiai)
 July 8th / 20h./ Kirtimai KC / Vilnius
facebook event


some photos from the Vilnius culture night event. Had really fun, all the acts (8!) were really good! thanks Foto nuotekos for doing great photos, as always!

and lastly the short video from my last performance I did at Sūpynės festival, last sunday early morning, 5am (!). I'm actually afraid of myself, now... ;)

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