Monday, May 2, 2016

Garso Architektūra

In April and May I'm participating in the educational project "Garso Architektūra" ("Sound architecture") in small towns in Lithuania. This project is held for the 3rd year already, each year visiting new places, meeting new audiences. The aim is to present the new ways of creating music. My part is to do the performance after which people are discussing it.
Last week we did 5 towns, this week 4 are left:

05.04 Šiauliai | Garso Architektūra
05.05 Pasvalys| Garso Architektūra
05.06 Anykščiai | Garso Architektūra
05.07 Zarasai | Garso Architektūra

after the event in Jonava

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