Wednesday, May 18, 2016

last Agharta events

Yes, the time came to say the word "last". And it's not only the season ending, but in general I'm finishing organizing DIY gigs in Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas).
I see the time has come to some changes. It was 2006 that I did first show. Back then there was not so many experimental music events happening. Obviously, when it's a vacuum - something gonna appear (or not). So in all those 10 years I have done maybe more than a hundred events (have to count though!) with a few hundred artists from all over the world. I heard lots... lots! of great music and met nice people, some of them became my close friends.
But times changed. More and more artists coming to Lithuania, also more and more I'm concentrating on my artist "career", so naturally I just have to choose what direction should I continue my activities. And I choose the latter - artistic activity, not curator.
Of course I will be involved in some events, but those gonna be less DIY, cause I wanna pay good money for everyone, not just be dependent on the number of people in the audience, which is becoming less and less for various reasons, but that's another interesting topic.
I'm still motivated to promote improvised  / experimental music, but mostly in some special funded events or if DIY, then just for the close friends.
Though what I see now that more places are open to this kind of music and they do events themselves, so sometimes the role of the promoter seems to be not so needful. Actually I'm just so tired of promoting. I don't know about you, but I simply know what I want or I know who does who, so I know where to go and what to support.
Anyway I hope that in all those years people had some really good time and great sonic discoveries. I'm very thankful for all the people who helped me organizing, for the venues and those who just supported by good word.
Still if someone wants to come to perform here, you're welcome to contact me, though here is the list of places and promoters in Lithuania, that should be helpful and I'm constantly updating it.

Anyway last events:

05.19 Kaunas | LARGO
05.20 Vilnius | Yucatan 
06.21 Vilnius | XI20 

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