Saturday, May 28, 2016

next week starts tour in Ukraine

Next thursday Agharta presents the showcase at "Construction" festival in Dnipro city, Ukraine. It's Arturas Bumšteinas and Weld Mignon and me.
After Dnipro we go to Odessa where we gonna perform in Lithuanian market fair "Kaziukas" as "Tandadrika orchestra" - all 4 together. This should be fun ;) And later we have a show in a club named "Downtown".
On 8th of June guys leave home to Vilnius and I continue now tour with the great band from Austria - Ni. Together we have 5 shows, although some changes may happen. The whole tour is named "Armattraktion Tur Ua". Looking forward to visit my beloved country again!
Thanks for Lithuanian culture attache in Ukraine and Lithuanian culture institute for supporting this travel. So here's the schedule:

06.02 UA | Dnepropetrovsk | Construction festival
06.05 UA | Odessa | City garden | as Tandadrika orchestra
06.07 UA | Odessa | Downtown 
06.10 UA | Ternopil | Pincet
06.11 UA | Ivano Frankivsk | BarDuck
06.12 UA | Kamianets-Podilskyi | Baron Munhausen

06.13 UA | Chernivtsi | Dzestra
06.14 UA | Khmelnickiy | R/RT pub

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