Sunday, July 30, 2017

last news for July

1. Below the short documentary about me that was published just a few days ago. No english subtitles, but maybe the feeling would be enough? ; )

2. The tape "Flowers" was released, you can order it on bandcamp, or buy it on my shows. This release is 34 copies (at least first edition), all covers hand made, home recorded material. What you will get is 44 min. of lo-fi meditation.

3. The new touring season is about to start next week. Shows in Poland, Germany and Kaliningrad  are coming up in August. This time I called the tour "the play of life" as I think the new program I prepared reflects this name. Here's the schedule with some links to events.
12.08   Potsdam, Germany. Camp festival *group show
14.08   Berlin, Germany, Humana
17.08  Kaliningrad, Russia, Katarsis

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