Thursday, July 13, 2017

recent news

lately I've been busy mostly with doing recordings and preparing for the upcoming tour to Poland, Germany and Kaliningrad. Glad to say that the new tape called "Flowers" will be ready quite soon. The release will be totally home made: from the audio material to the tape cover. 46 minutes of meditation. This summer is quite cold and wet here, so it gives opportunity to concentrate on studio work. Of course it also affects the creation. Let's see what will have in the end.

The other recording that appeared recently online is 2 years old but just now saw the light. So, together with 3 guys from the band called cutthroats and video producers we made a clip of intense sound blast. Check that above.

The other big thing which I announced on facebook but not here is that i'm building a map of venues/promoters/festivals/labels related to experimental, improvised, weird music. Check it here!

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