Monday, January 29, 2018

20 years in the underground tour

Yep. It's gaining speed. With 3 performances in January, including amazing All Ears festival in Oslo, also OTO cafe project space in London and Yucatan Extension - underground venue in Vilnius I enter February with 3 shows in southern Italy, starting this week (info below)

live in Yucatan Extension, Vilnius, 2018
But first let me say about this anniversary a bit. In the year 1998 I got involved into the worldwide underground by publishing my first paper fanzine called "Sperm oil" (this is not what you think, check the dictionary!:) ). The zine was about punk, grindcore and anarchism in english language. Of course now it looks silly but, I was only 16 years old, so you can't expect much from such a kid. Anyway I got super enthusiastic about entering this underworld and no surprise i'm still here even if activities and the taste has changed. How else?! My biography section tells a bit more about the evolution, but yeah I'm still happy to be here and more as never seeing and hearing lots of interesting sounds and art in different parts of the world. So, no surprise this tour is all about that. To get even more connected is the aim of this tour and firstly with Europe. There are still so many places in Europe I haven't performed, like some smaller cities in Hungary or Romania or Italy where I go this week. 
Also looking forward to meet friends and people I know in places I've already been. Later this year I plan to go to Canada, South America and maybe even Asia by the end of the year - so I can basically call it a world tour...again ; )... the third one. 

The schedule of the tour can be found here, for any questions contact me via email or facebook.

poster of Naples show

      Italy shows for the beginning of February:

     02.02.18   Naples, Spazio Anarchico 76A, fb
     04.02.18   Messina, Dalek studio , fb
     05.02.18   Altamura, Muzic plus

     this mini tour is supported by
     Lithuanian culture institute

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